Versatile and Passionate Attorney in NYC

Sadatu Salami is an experienced attorney working in a variety of practice areas, serving all five boroughs in New York City. Ms. Salami is passionate about the law and about getting justice for her clients. The 13-year legal veteran provides quality service at a reasonable price and a free consultation.

Ms. Salami’s practice areas include some of the most difficult, like matrimonial law and divorce. She also works on some most essential to life in New York City, like landlord-tenant law.

Civil Litigation

A tough litigator, Ms. Salami is prepared to take your case to court. She will discuss your goals for the trial, whether it’s to move through quickly or battle until a judge or jury declares a winner. If you aren’t certain about what you want, she will explain your options to reach the best available result, using judgment based on the facts of your case and her considerable experience.

Family/Matrimonial Law

Ms. Salami handles a variety of issues under the umbrella of family law, including the often contentious divorce cases. She will discuss what you want for a post-divorce future, and then carry out your wishes using her skill as a divorce lawyer. She can help resolve outstanding child custody and support matters and help you get the necessary maintenance payments while you get your life back on track.

If the divorce has been particularly nasty, you may need to file for an order of protection against your spouse. She can help keep your family safe by presenting a strong case for the order.

Real Estate Attorney

Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn neighborhoods have seen significant changes in the market even for the volatile New York City market.  You have invested financially and emotionally in the place you live, whether you rent in Manhattan or own in Staten Island. In difficult times, you may need an attorney to help protect your investments. Ms. Salami provides foreclosure defense services against lender claims, and helps her clients with landlord/tenant issues.

Versatile Attorney in New York City

Sadatu Salami’s peers in the legal community praise her intelligence, passion and commitment as they’ve observed her represent clients. Her clients express pleasure at having hired her and the relief that comes with the resolution of difficult matters. Call Ms. Salami’s Jamaica Queens office today to discover how she can help you during a free, 30-minute consultation.

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