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Real Estate Law

While foreclosures are down nationally, they are on the rise in Brooklyn and Queens. High foreclosure rates means high rent for those in apartments or renting a home in an already volatile rental market. It creates a cycle that’s bad for longtime residents of some parts of the boroughs. Banks are eager to give homeowners the boot to make way for big spenders, often without giving people a second chance – or worse – using unlawful means to foreclose on properties.

Matrimonial Law

Queens family law attorney Sadatu Salami has a proven record of success in matrimonial cases all over New York City. She has mastered the difficult art of balancing compassion and aggression in representing spouses in divorce issues, child custody cases and spousal support matters.

Civil Litigation

Effective communication is one of the bonds holding our society together. However, communications often break down, and that can lead to conflict. That’s when you need an experienced litigation attorney to help you resolve that conflict.

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