Matrimonial Law Attorney in New York City

Queens family law attorney Sadatu Salami has a proven record of success in matrimonial cases all over New York City. She has mastered the difficult art of balancing compassion and aggression in representing spouses in divorce issues, child custody cases and spousal support matters. She’s the lawyer you need if you need help modifying pre-existing agreements, and she can help get protection for you if your spouse is violent or abusive in any way.

Divorce Lawyer in Queens

Throughout her career, Ms. Sadatu has shown that getting a just result for her client is her top responsibility. Matrimonial law takes on a personal dimension for her, because she understands her clients are often in a difficult situation. As your lawyer, she places as much emphasis on giving you a tough advocate in court and in negotiations as well as a person you can go to when things get rough.

Getting a Divorce in New York – Get Help

In New York City, you can get a divorce if the relationship is “irretrievably broken” and has been for some time. Some jurisdictions call this a “no-fault” divorce. If you and your spouse agree that the relationship is in such a state, the two of you can come to an agreement on the major issues like support and the division of property. While this may seem like the simple path, whatever you agree upon has to have the judge’s approval so that the court may enforce the agreement. You will need an experienced divorce attorney to help you through the process.

Child Support and Custody Lawyer in New York City

When children are a factor in divorce, Sadatu Salami can help you sort out the differences in types of custody under New York law. You and your spouse will have joint legal custody if there is no agreement otherwise. One parent will have physical custody and the other will have visitation rights. You may need to make an argument in court that you are the spouse who will serve the child’s interests best. Ms. Salami will help you make this argument.

To Get an Order of Protection

Sometimes a divorce can be nasty. We’ve all heard the horror stories. If you need protection from an abusive spouse, whether you are getting a divorce or not, you can count on Ms. Salami to help you file an order of protection. In some cases, you’ll have to prove to a judge you need one, so don’t go it alone.

If you are in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx or Brooklyn, you can call on Sadatu Salami in Queens for help with a divorce or matrimonial law issue. Call to discuss your case for free.

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