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Effective communication is one of the bonds holding our society together. However, communications often break down, and that can lead to conflict. That’s when you need an experienced litigation attorney to help you resolve that conflict. Sadatu Salami has 13 years of experience acting as an advocate in court in an assortment of practice areas on behalf of her clients. She will do her best to help you resolve your dispute through aggressive representation in front of a judge or jury.

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The first step will be the consultation. Ms. Salami will discuss what happened that led you to seek the counsel of an attorney. She’ll then give you an honest opinion based on her years of practice and knowledge of the law in New York City. If negotiation is no longer a viable course of action, she’ll let you know what she can do for you in court. If the law isn’t in your favor, she’d rather tell you than force you into a no win situation.

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While representing you, Sadatu Salami will take all reasonable steps necessary to get compensation for you if you’ve been harmed by someone else’s action or error. She will use all of the latest technology to make your argument vivid and present unimpeachable experts to testify on your behalf. She’ll file the appropriate motions to exclude improperly presented evidence and get injunctions when necessary. Your case may be less grand in scope, for example, you may only need a judge to enforce an agreement. Ms. Salami is as skilled making an argument to the bench as she is presenting evidence to a jury.

Ms. Salami has all the skills it takes to be a great litigator. She has the research and writing skills necessary to find that one case that is like yours and will convince the judge that you’re right. She has the creativity and intelligence to think on her feet and is ready for anything.

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Sadatu Salami is also a great communicator. She can communicate a winning argument to a jury and an intellectual argument to a judge. She will also be a willing communicator with you, her client. She will always be available to explain what is happening and why. To find out more, take the first step. Call her office for a free consultation if you are in Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx or any of the five boroughs.

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