Real Estate Attorney in New York City

While the loan default-fueled recession is over, the real estate market in New York City is still suffering. While foreclosures are down nationally, they are on the rise in Brooklyn and Queens. High foreclosure rates means high rent for those in apartments or renting a home in an already volatile rental market. It creates a cycle that’s bad for longtime residents of some parts of the boroughs. Banks are eager to give homeowners the boot to make way for big spenders, often without giving people a second chance – or worse – using unlawful means to foreclose on properties.

If you are in Staten Island or the Bronx and you are facing some problem with a landlord or lending institution, you should call an experienced property law attorney like Sadatu Salami. Ms. Salami is a highly respected civil litigation lawyer with 13 years of experience. She has provided dozens of clients with respectful, non-judgmental defense against foreclosures, evictions and other real property or real estate law issues.

Foreclosure Defense in Brooklyn

Ms. Salami’s number one priority will be to help keep you and your family in the home you’ve invested in financially and emotionally. She will attempt to negotiate with the lender to get a modification. This will buy you both time as she looks at the lender’s actions up until they sent the first letter about a foreclosure (Their words to you on the phone are just as important, so keep a record of conversations). Were their actions lawful? Did the lender honor your contractual agreement? The answer to these questions may keep you in your house, and Ms. Salami can find those answers for you.

It’s likely that neither you nor your bank would enjoy a legal battle. Ms. Salami will try to negotiate on your behalf. However, if it comes down to a lawsuit against your bank for unlawful actions, she will fight hard until you get justice.

Landlord-Tenant Lawyer Serving Manhattan

Sadatu Salami also provides legal help for renters. If your landlord is not honoring their duty to put forth a reasonable effort to provide you with livable conditions, call Ms. Salami for help. If they are attempting to evict you from the property without notice, or you need to show that you’re making a good faith effort to honor the rental agreement, Ms. Salami can advise you on how to proceed.

Property Lawyer in Queens Who Will Fight For You

You will need an attorney with intimate knowledge of New York real estate law, who is passionate about getting justice for clients and not easily intimidated by a tough case or a “big pocket” opponent. Call real estate lawyer Sadatu Salami for a free consultation.

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